truststampTrust Stamp – Winner of the 2017 TAG FinTech Innovation Award

Trust Stamp guards against identity theft, friendly-fraud and “stranger-danger” by providing a secure digital token verifying the user’s photograph, identity, and trustworthiness. Trust Stamp uses patented multi-stage authentication and proprietary algorithms (executed by IBM Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services) to review photographic & drivers license data and compare it to 200+ public records sources and social media sites to validate the user-profile, identify data inconsistencies and generate an objective trustworthiness score. Learn more at

The TAG FinTech Innovation Award promotes innovation in the Georgia FinTech ecosystem by recognizing and publicizing startup companies that are designing innovative technology-based solutions that have a positive impact on the FinTech market and providing them with support to thrive. Participating companies receive education and mentoring from industry veterans, as well as access to a network of industry leaders.

For more information , please visit the TAG FinTech Innovation Award webpage.