About Digital Media & Entertainment

Georgia stands as a clear leader in the digital media and entertainment software industry. From interactive game design, filmed entertainment, music, and broadcast radio and television, to animation and digital effects, and augmented/immersive entertainment, the state is truly an industry powerhouse.

More than 13 national/regional media outlets are based in Georgia including CNN and Turner Broadcasting, Cox Communications, Fox Sports South, the Weather Company and others. Over 10,000 individuals are employed full-time in the broadcast sector (radio, TV, network and cable) throughout the ten-county metro Atlanta region. Another 4,000 professionals are employed in the motion picture and sound recording sectors. This highly skilled workforce, along with the state’s infrastructure, industry innovators, incentives and world-class educational institutions, create a vibrant ecosystem that entertains the world.

Did You Know…

  • Gaming: Georgia’s video game industry accounted for nearly 2,000 direct jobs in 2012 and $1.6 billion in total economic activity. The state has about 75 game studios and more than 4,000 Georgia college students are pursuing game-related degrees
  • Music: Georgia is home to GRAMMY® winners in multiple categories and genres, and has 300-plus recording studios. Roughly 20,000 individuals work in various aspects of Georgia’s music industry and generates an annual economic impact of $3.7 billion according to 2011 study
  • Film and Television: TV networks, Hollywood studios, and more created $6B in economic impact in FY15 and the state is the 3rd most profitable in the nation when it comes to entertainment, behind California and New York, respectively