The General Assembly passed the Georgia Musical Investment Act (started as HB-155 –  effective January 1, 2018).  This act, led by Georgia Music Partners (GMP), was passed to retain Georgia talent and create jobs, such jobs as, musicians, logistics consultants, caterers, lawyers, accountants, composers, engineers, stage designers, lighting designers, managers, promoters and booking agents.
This event is a round-table discussion focusing on the incentives this act is designed to create and how people in the Music Industry can possibly benefit.


Le’Dor Milteer – Song Writer, Consultant, Entrepreneur
Le’Dor Milteer, Former Executive Producer and Host for In Contact TV Show, has written music for So So Def and collaborated with artist such as Rick Ross, B.O.B, R-City, T-Mo from Goody Mob, Tameka Scott from Xscape and others.

Shachar Oren – President of Georgia Music Partners (GMP), President/CEO of Neurotic Media
Shachar, President of Georgia Music Partners (GMP), is responsible for the Georgia music tax incentive that enables music companies with qualified expenditures in Georgia to save 15%-20% (!) of their cost.

Khari (Needlz) Cain – Music Producer
Khari Cain, multi-Platinum award winning music producer, has worked with such artists as 50 cent, Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris, Bruno Mars, Cardi B to name a few and more.

Curtis Daniel III – CEO / Co-owner of Patchwerk Recording Studios
Curtis is a graduate from Michigan State University.  He is the majority owner of 5ten15twenty (a group fundraiser site for well-known artist & producers), sole owner of The Talent Incubators (which signs & develops producers), and a minority owner of Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 FM radio station.

Chris Rickwood – Composer and Best known for Creating Dramatic Musical Scores for Video Games
Chris work ranges from catchy melodies underscoring fights with cartoon evil geniuses to massive soundscapes suitable for building and destroying empires. Blending the traditional with the modern, Rickwood’s musical style is often a marriage of current musical genres with traditional instrumentation and orchestration. Hip hop for hammered dulcimer or heavy metal for full orchestra are the norm. Credits include Paladins, Smite, Rising Storm, Orcs Must Die, Age of Empires Online, Madden NFL 12, Global Agenda, and Tribes: Ascend.

Christina Ottaviano –  Secretary of the Atlanta Federation of Musicians,  Local 148-462
Christina has served with the American Federation of Musicians since 2012. She previously served as an AFM Local Executive Board Director and Regional Orchestra Players Association Delegate for the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra. She’s a double bassist with a Bachelors and Masters in Music Performance.  She is a member of the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra, Atlanta Opera Orchestra, and the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.