Join us for a live and riveting discussion when our panelists review a street video interview from people of all ages for the first time live in our audience.  The street interviews will focus on healthcare delivery. Our savvy interview team will interview individuals with questions on how they access care, how they would like to access care and what they think the future will look like.  Hear what the consumer really wants and more importantly the dichotomy of wants from the boomers to the millennial’s.


Moderator:  Bryan Fowler – CEO of Truitt Health


  1. Rena Brewer – Chief Executive Officer, Global / Georgia Partnership for Telehealth.
  2. Deepti Damle, Asst. Dir. of Revenue Cycle for Emory Clinic
  3. Dr. Mike McCoy – Practicing OB/GYN and former Chief Health Information Officer ONC
  4. Dr. Jacob Warren – Behavioral Epidemiologist for Mercer University School of Medicine